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Why should anybody desire to travel in a war zone? Nobody would like to risk his life in a conflict area. However, sometimes you may find yourself in a war zone, and you must move out.  For example, if a loved one is stranded in a conflict area, you may be forced to go after them. Once a war breaks out, the transport sector is adversely affected. Thousands are forced to travel in one direction at the same time. People get confused, and some get lost along the way. The following tips can aid you to get out of a war zone alive.

1. Assess the Situation

The first thing you need to do is to know the facts. Know who is fighting who and why. It may be hard to get reliable information during the war because everyone is running for his/her dear life.  Most of the time, the truth is highly exaggerated. We are lucky to be in an information era because you can quickly get reliable information from social media.

2. Prepare for Anything

When faced with a severe threat man tends to either run away or fight back. Even when you are travelling, you should be prepared to fight back. If an intruder breaks your front door, you should have a clear strategy on how you can fight back as you prepare to desert the conflict area.

3. Pack What You Need Only

When you have decided to run away, do not carry unnecessary baggage. Only take what you need to survive until you reach a safe place. A phone, for example, is more important than a laptop.

4. Seek Help from the Aid Society

In every war zone, there is an oasis of peace. Find the Red Cross, the Red Crescent or the United Nations. It is better to travel with them than on your own. If you have lost a friend or a family member in the in the height of the conflict, such organizations can be of much help.

5. Keep Your Travel Documents and Money Safe

It does not matter how desperate the battle is, but soon you’ll find yourself in an airport. Once a war breaks out money becomes scarce, and inflation jumps up in hours.  It is hard to travel to a safe place if you have left your passport and visa cards in the war-torn area.

6. When You Find Safety Remember Others

If you are lucky to find a safe place, do not just relax and forget the whole thing. Let the world know how the conflict is affecting people on the ground. If you had taken pictures, you could share them. Do not attempt to go back even when you realize you have left a valuable thing or person. Let the trained guys do that for you.


War can break out anywhere. At any given time, there’s a bloody war going on somewhere. There are thousands of people trying to travel to safe places today. These tips can help you find safety before it is too late.

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