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Simple travel requires a traveler to change their mindset. It’s not surprising that some people travel with backpackers half their own sizes. These make moving around when traveling a real challenge. Once you become a traveler, it’s important to see yourself as an explorer. This should be followed by application of these rules for simple travels.

Carry Multi-Use Items

Packing one-off items makes packing light challenging. So, for simple travels, always pack items that fit different roles. For instance, instead of packing tennis shoes, go with light hiking boots or trail runners.

Purchase on-the-go

You may want to pack your favorite toothpaste, deodorant or shampoo when traveling. But, packing more of these items means you won’t pack light. Additionally, you can find most of these items at most travel destinations. Therefore, just pack enough to get you to your next destination. Buying these essentials on the go saves space in the bag while making traveling simpler.

Go for Function Rather than Fashion

Travel is about exploring and discovering. Therefore, how a traveler looks doesn’t matter. Simply go for attire that makes you feel comfortable. Pack breathable, lightweight and quick-drying clothing. Roll up long sleeves are also functional because they can be worn during different types of weather.

Use Layers

Instead of packing bulky, big jackets that you might end up using a couple of times, pack items that can be layered on top of the other for insulation or warmth. This is particularly important when anticipating colder days. Basically, instead of carrying a single-use, large clothing, carry multiple layers that you can use together or separately.

Expect Laundry

Don’t pack an outfit for every day. Instead, cycle through the clothes you carry and wash them while traveling. You will find sinks almost everywhere you go with laundry soap and sink plug. You can hang clothes on the clothesline if there is no dryer available.

Follow these rules for simple travels to enjoy your experience while on the go.

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