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According to popular culture, humans can either like hanging out with others or prefer spending time alone. Some people will enjoy spending time with others until they reach their socializing threshold. However, some situations require people to travel in a group even if they don’t like it. Here’s how to travel in a group when you don’t like people.

Know what You Don’t Like about Traveling in a Group

Start by figuring out what you don’t like about group travels. This is very important because you can’t fix or avoid something that you don’t know. For instance, maybe you’re a shy person. You could also be an introvert. A shy person is anxious about meeting new people or spending time in a group. An introvert, on the other hand, enjoys spending time with other people but still needs time alone to recharge. Regardless of your reasons for hating group travels, find it out first before anything else.


Once you’ve known your reasons for hating group travels, work on finding solutions. The experience will be better if you come up with solutions before you travel. In this context, preparation is about addressing your concerns about group travel. For instance, if you’re a shy person, start building rapport with travel buddies. If you’re an introvert, spend as much time alone as possible before the trip. This will enable you to start the group trip more energized and willing to interact with others.

Balance Solitude and Socializing

Allow yourself time to be alone while still participating in travel group activities. For instance, you can spend the morning hours exploring the nearby city. You can also sneak off for a siesta in the afternoon while your travel buddies lounge by the pool. Essentially, you can travel in a group while taking some hours to recharge alone.

Follow these tips to travel in a group with ease when you don’t like people.

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