About Us

Melcorp Breathalysers Direct was started in 1989 by Danny Redman who saw a business opportunity with the introduction of breath testing in Australia. He started supplying wall units to licensed premises and acknowledges Chris Keen from the Nambour RSL as the first proprietor in Queensland to support the service. Other clubs and pubs soon followed suit and introduced the machines, which have since been upgraded to the now highly sophisticated self-calibrating Alcolizer units.

Based in Buderim Queensland, Melcorp Breathalysers Direct, offers a solution to the problem of alcohol being present in the workplace and also on Australian roads.

Through technology and awareness, the business has created significant services to the mining industry which has stringent rules where workers are tested for the presence of alcohol and drugs upon arrival.

Alcohol related incidents costs Australian Industries not only millions of dollars but hundreds of hours of downtime each year so zero tolerance and zero harm is the mantra enforced across the board in all industries.

Melcorp’s breathalayser’s are proudly manufactured in Brisbane. Units are supplied to Australian Police in NSW and NT and also to international police forces, which include Brunei, China, Singapore, Sweden and Borneo and South Africa. The LE, a home-grown product, is widely recognised as the best hand held breathalyser currently available in the world

This hard-working and innovative distribution business is flourishing. Using web-based marketing and workplace training, Melcorp are reaching industry, business people and the general public Australia wide with their message.

At Melcorp we pride ourselves on the services we offer, not only in our product line but the Director of the company, Shirley, is also the only manufacturer approved certified trainer for Alcolizer Products.

Melcorp Breathalysers Direct – Working Towards a Safer Australia