Frequently Asked Questions

1. How accurate are these breathalysers?

Very accurate. Melcorp’s Alcolizer family of breathalyser products are driven by an ethanol specific fuel cell sensor. What this means is that the sensor only detects alcohol ie.ethanol.

The fuel cell is identical in function to that used in the LE Police & Industry units and satisfies international standards. It has a superior accuracy of + or – 10% set by Australian Standards 3457 (.006).

2. I’m sitting in an RBT after having a few drinks, is there anything I can do to minimize my reading?

No. Unless you have way of lowering your body temperature which is impossible. Chewing gum, hyperventilation, eating, or hydrating in that short space of time will have no effect. Only time has an effect of getting alcohol out of your system.

(The TV show Mythbusters presented an episode on this issue recently and the answer was the same). See for ‘Alcohol in the Human Body’.

3. How is it that if I can blow in the machine at the car and then have a different reading 15 mins later on an evidential unit?

Because alcohol is a foreign substance your body is either trying to absorb or eliminate alcohol from the system. It does it through several different mediums overtime and they are:

  1. Metabolism
  2. Physiology
  3. Breath
  4. Urine
  5. Perspiration

It is a known fact that larger physical body weight and size can absorb & metabolize alcohol more efficiently than a smaller person providing liver function is normal.

4. If I blow in the breathalyser and then get pulled over and the Police unit has a higher reading can I use my reading as evidence in court?

No. Most people don’t understand metabolism and physiology and the way alcohol effects their bodies but its entirely possible for a reading of .035 to increase to .045 within a short space of time as a result of rising BAC (blood alcohol concentration). Refer to question 2. While you’re absorbing alcohol or consuming alcohol your BAC will rise to a point where the elimination phase takes over and your BAC starts lowering. These factors are accelerated by fitness, general health, liver function etc. So a second test is always highly recommended to establish a rising or falling pattern. Your reading is considered accurate at the time of testing only.

5. Can the mouthpieces retain alcohol residue? If so, will this affect future readings?

Yes. If the same mouthpiece is used by more than one person then alcohol residue from the previous test could possibly affect the BAC reading of the current test. Because alcohol evaporates quickly it is highly unlikely the residue would significantly affect the reading. The mouthpieces are all completely washable or, if you prefer, we do sell them in packs. (Any wipes containing alcohol should not be used to clean the mouthpieces)

6. Where are the units made?

Because of its high ethical products rating, the quality of the manufacture cannot be compromised. All construction and manufacture is carried out in Australia

7. Will the unit alert me as to when recalibration is required?

Yes. The unit will give the user 14 days notice prior to recalibration being due. A countdown of days will be visible on the digital screen until the word RECAL is displayed. The unit will automatically shut down when recalibration is required. You can also check how many tests are used at any time by holding down the Test button. Recalibration is performed at Alcolizer Technology in Brisbane.

8. Does the unit require new batteries at any stage?

When recalibration is performed, internal components, including the battery, are replaced by the technician. Your warranty will be void if the breathalyser is opened by anyone other than the Alcolizer technician.

9. How long is the warranty on Alcolizer units?

If serviced by Alcolizer Technology, the warranty period for all handheld units is 24 months.

10. Are the unit’s user friendly?

Yes. The Easy Check is single button operational.
The HH Series has 3 buttons which include Test, Mode, & Light.
All units come with instruction manuals however, if you ever have any questions we are only a phone call away.

11. Where else are Alcolizer products used?

General Workplace Health & Safety fields,Transport, Licensed venues throughout Australia – RSL Clubs, Hotels, Night Clubs, Restaurants, Sporting Facilities, Private functions.

Police, Personal usage, Marine Industry, Adventure Activities, Mining Sites, Small Business, Social Clubs, Dept of Defence, Local Government Depts, Courier Services, Prisoner Transport Vehicles, Bus Companies, Industry Representatives Hardware Sites, Construction Sites, Personal Functions

12. If I serve alcohol at a party or function am I liable if someone leaves and has an alcohol related incident?

Currently no, however if we follow the American trend there could be issues in the future as to who is responsible for the insurable risk of an alcohol related incident under these circumstances. For $299 (less than the average mobile phone) why take a risk?

13. How long will my breathalyser last?

Melcorp Breathalysers Direct has been supplying alcohol detection products to the Australian market place since June 1989. Every day thousands upon thousands of alcohol products go to work in field testing applications in some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet. From 50°C + temperatures in the West Australian Mining Camps to subzero cold in Mongolia, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as the humidity of Singapore, Borneo and China. Unlike some competitors, Alcolizer products have strict compliance to Australian Standards AS2357 (some of the toughest in the world). This simply means that 6 monthly service and calibration needs to be observed. The handheld series are sent back to Alcolizer Techonology and the Wallmount’s are serviced at Melcorp on site. This service allows the technician to check your equipment & because of the unique nature of the software DNA, allows upgrading of your unit keeping it at the coalface (pardon the pun) of technology in this essential industry.

The Wallmount series architecture has remained relatively unchanged in 15 years but the internal software is constantly upgraded to cutting edge technology. The handheld HH-1 & HH-2 series of which tens of thousands exist in Industry & Hospitality environments are still operating perfectly after 10 years. Our very popular EC series which is a very affordable, highly accurate portable unit is now in the hands of Mums & Dads who can check themselves and their children and make intelligent decisions about the use of motor vehicles and other ignition enabled equipment.

Congratulations on your purchase!